Based on the idea of the customer or a detailed technical specification for the improvement of a manufacturing or logistics process we deliver conventional engineering services.

  • Presentation of a detailed draft
  • Taking down of on-site structural conditions
  • Rough and detailed design with current 2D and 3D CAD systems
  • Elaboration of construction documentation (workshop drawings, material lists)
  • Calculations (functionality, statics (in cooperation with a renowned office for structural engineering), strength. Verifiable calculations with the meaning of a supervisory authority.
  • Documentation for all areas (upon request in multilingual form)
  • Conformity declaration with CE-marking (upon request in cooperation with the TÜV Rheinland [technical control board]).

The constraint for continuous optimization of manufacturing and logistics processes is a consequence of the ever more rapidly changing markets. Automation is the answer.

Everywhere are manufacturing and logistics processes which must be optimized or developed. We have the expertise in the area of conveyor systems, lifting equipment, process technique and industrial automation and the required know-how to handle even complex tasks.

Our innovative but also conventional construction methods allow the customers to implement all solutions at economically viable expense, with excellent functionality and adequate and reliable realization of the required safety technology with outstanding quality and high durability.

Everything from one source in the production process, from the idea to the solution, this is what we aim for.

Due to increasingly complex tasks to develop an idea into a functionally and economically reasonable solution, we have also been faced with the challenge to implement the engineering work economically in the production plants.

Decades of cooperation with a number of qualified manufacturing companies for which we carried out the technical order handling including planning and construction for their projects as well as the elaboration of manufacturing documentation such as drawings and material lists, enables us to offer and to realize projects in an overall concept for our customers.

We have capacities in all relevant areas, from tool and device construction up to stainless steel processing and manufacturing possibilities in the plant and mechanical engineering in order to accomplish an overall solution of your task.

Another main focus where we can rely on decades of experience is the planning, design as well as supply of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic plants and/or hydraulic control equipment for aforementioned areas of activities.

Based on our philosophy “everything from one source”, we naturally feel responsible to equip the plants we are planning, constructing and delivering with the necessary control equipment. In conjunction with our modern systems engineering we offer our customers the adequate conventional, programmable, numeric or PC controls including the installation. In this area we have been working for decades with reliable partners who realize the correct and ideal tailor-made solution for special customer requirements according to our specifications and planning for the corresponding plant. Also beyond commissioning.

Needless to say that we and our partners use state-of-the-art safety technology based on the latest relevant regulations and rules. This also applies to the ever growing technical possibilities for modern diagnostic, remote maintenance, network and communication systems.

Last Update: May 2018